Dear God,

Dear God,

Even though I know You are All-Knowing and All-Seeing in power…. I can not help myself but, to wish I could correspond with You verbally. First off, as you already know, Im a strong woman, but, how much stronger do you think I can be? In the passed 4 months I lost my Father, my puppy got sick and died, My boyfriend fought for his life on life-support for 10 days and now Im in another crazy predicament financially that makes no sense at this time. I have faith that You are working this all out in your time and Your way but, please don’t forget my integrity and my sincerity and all the people Iam helping right now. I can’t keep doing all this for them I can only do it for You, so can you please give me a little scenic view into my future so I can have a little more hope that everything will be alright.

A girl in turmoil but, surrounded by a lot of love.


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