Dear God,

Dear God, Even though I know You are All-Knowing and All-Seeing in power…. I can not help myself but, to wish I could correspond with You verbally. First off, as you already know, Im a strong woman, but, how much stronger do you think I can be? In the passed 4 months I lost my … More Dear God,

From “Blabbing Dee” to “A Blooming Heart”

First Impressions are very important and a title is a blog’s first impression. My original title “Blabbing Dee” had a negative undertone. The word blabbing sounds like I’ll be talking about things that aren’t important. After some direction from a Blogging 101 course I’m working through, I decided to change the name and it may … More From “Blabbing Dee” to “A Blooming Heart”

I’ll admit: I once accidentally left my baby in a hot car…..

Yes, you heard that right and I can admit my mistake because I want to show Mom’s that it can happen easier than you may think. I would have been the first person to say “There is no excuse, how can a Mom forget their child?” Well, I did it and thanks be to God … More I’ll admit: I once accidentally left my baby in a hot car…..

Beginning Blogger

Blabbing Dee! That’s me….. It seems like I always have something to say and I end up putting it on facebook to my own demise. Therefore, I decided to blog where bloggers are supposed to blog, on a blog! Does that make sense? Currently, the time is 11:30 pm and I’m not fully awake, so … More Beginning Blogger